Who We Are

Walker’s Industries is a family-owned Innovative state of the art technological company providing services in UPS, Structured Cabling, Electrical, Lighting and Renewable Energy. Additionally, we offer the best retail prices locally.
Walker’s Industries Limited was founded in 1989 by four talented Bahamians, who saw a need to provide professional, reliable, cost effective services in structured cabling and outside plant infrastructure development. The company’s rapid growth and sought-after services was a direct result of our expertise in the industry, track record in providing advanced, quality products and our commitment to service excellence.
Since the company’s inception, our team has been the strategic players in major structured cabling projects throughout The Bahamas. Walker’s Industries Limited has significantly expanded our services, as well as increased our professional team and international alliances.
In 2010, we found it necessary to expand our facilities to encompass more office and storage space. This expansion included a full line of wholesale and retail electrical supplies. Our most recent upgrade included expanding our service areas to include Energy Conservation, LED Lighting & Design, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Sales and Services and Renewable Energy Solutions.
Our partner, Glenn International, is a leading supplier of electrical, lighting and telecom equipment. Our relationship with Glenn International allows us factory direct access giving us a competitive advantage in pricing, project delivery and product warranty. Walker’s Industries customers can feel secured in contracting the best for their next project.
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